Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Digital marketing Training in Chandigarh

Digital marketing Training in Chandigarh

Digital Marketing Training in Chandigarh 

The world has become digitalized these days and this is an era of the digital world, as everything is digitalized. Marketing also has got digitalized which is known as digital marketing. We all know that in today's world whatever we want to know, whatever we want to buy, whatever you want to sell or whatever you want to do that all can be done on the Internet. Now if everything getting more advanced day by day why don't we? here I mean to say that how we can be a digitalize person and how we can start using gadgets to live the digital life. 

Digital marketing Training in Chandigarh

Nowadays every person is aware that he should use digital marketing techniques for the marketing of brand and product but, there are two ways to do so one is either owner should know digital marketing so that he can do it of his products Or he should hire somebody who knows digital marketing techniques. Because of this requirement for the digital marketing experts has increased tremendously these days but there's less amount of digital marketers in the City. So getting into this field can be a right choice for your career and for your future. This is booming sector and one should learn digital marketing by doing Digital marketing training in Chandigarh. This course will enable you to start doing a job in a reputed company as well as to start your own business. You can start with SEO training in Chandigarh from CBitss Technologies which can give you a basic knowledge of Internet marketing and that can lead you towards advanced digital marketing. So except doing wait one should start doing digital marketing.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

4 Ways Pinterest Can Boost Your SEO

We know you've been busting your protuberance sticking endlessly, and you've been hitting the site design improvement (SEO) work no-nonsense. You need to accomplish all the more, yet you may think it'll take a lot of time. Imagine a scenario in which we let you know that you could improve your Pinterest account without attempting. No quack remedy sales representative traps here, just basically doing it the correct way. Putting a strong exertion into Pinterest can pay off in more courses than one, and we're discussing some pleasant SEO boosting! Better pick up the pace and read on.

Positioning in SERPs

Pinterest is also a tool which gets rank in Search Engine results pages easily. With the help of pinterest you also can acquire one more position along with your website on first page of any search engine. You need to be very careful while making your board and pins. You need to make them according to search engines.

Get more links on pinterest

In the board when you are making pins of your website or product, you can give different different links on them of your websites. But the thing is that all those links are Nofollow links which will not give your site SEO juice. But still if you have a great board and that board I also ranked on top of search engine that can give you more visitors on your website.

Social Links

Pinterest is Social Networking website where you can follow people and can make friends. Who will see your content posted by you and you can see their content. This can generate more traffic towards your website. You can follow many of useful content publishers. You also can show the world that what you have in your mind and about your new ideas.

Social signs and crisp substance

Bing is now utilizing social signs as a part of their rankings, and there's much hypothesis about if, and when Google will begin doing likewise. Should get a head begin on the opposition by amplifying your Pinterest diversion. A more up to date bit of news: Bing is currently incorporating Pins in Image Searches. This is a tremendous open door for some little organizations to rank on the front page with the huge mutts! You're truly taking out two targets with one shot here, on the grounds that its a well known fact that Google and other web indexes affection to see crisp substance in the SERPs. The all the more high caliber, very shared/re-stuck and important substance you have will make Google need to slither your site more.

So there you have it, four simple approaches to support your SEO endeavors with Pinterest. Which ways have worked best for you? Be a buddy and offer in the remarks!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

5 Image Optimization tips

In Search engine optimization we not only have to optimize website to be on top of the search engine but we also need to optimize content of the website. Images which are also a part of the content should be optimized properly to make your webpage more SEO friendly. The main question is that how to optimize Images so that they should rank in search engine and can get concentration of user. Here are some tip which can help you to rank your website in any of the search engine.

    1. Name Your Images Descriptively

When you are saving your image you need to save it by its name, and its name should be that keyword by which you want this image to be ranked. Name the image properly while saving or creating it. For example if you have an image and you want it to rank high with the keyword “English Speaking Course in Chandigarh sector34”, in very initial stage you need to set its name as the same.

    1. Optimize Your Alt/Title Tags and Captions

After saving this image now you have to upload it in any of your webpage. After uploading it you need to set its ALT tag which will be readable by search engine crawler. Along with ALT Tags you also have to set its title tags which also will help your image to rank high in search engine.

    1. Set Dimensions of your Images

You also have to mention height and width for all of the images you have uploaded to your website or in your webpage. That again will help you more to get rank high in search engine.
    1. Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images

Most of the people wait for their site to be opened in less than 3 second. This is the survey done by Amazon. That is why Google also consider opening speed of the website as a part of its algorithm. We should also take very good care of the images size in Mb or Kb so that they could open immediately in user's computer. This will give your site a best user experience as well.
    1. Use Image Site Maps

After doing all above activities finally generate site maps for all images you have entered that will give search engine more and detailed information about your images. These all tips will help you to get your images rank high in search engines.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

5 SEO Tips for Your Website

Here in this article you will find some tips which will help pyou to rank high in search engines...

Put the keywords on Relevant Pages

Whatever technology you have chosen to create your website you need to add your keyword in Title, URL and in Description relevantly into your every post and page to boost your ranking in Search Engines. If you have created your website in wordpress you can use some plugins to make this task so easy I.e “All in One SEO Pack” or “SEO Yoast”.

Links to External Pages

A considerable measure of substance administration frameworks naturally do this, however in the event that yours wouldn't, you'll like to be purposeful about connecting to your most imperative pages straightforwardly from your landing page and cross-connecting them with each other.

Make A Deep check on Speed of the Website

Website's Speed is also a big point to take in consideration. We always have to make a distance from any non-essentials that bog down your website. To avoid this problem you need to be very careful about big sized images, flash graphics, and unnecessary plugins.

Use keywords in your images.

When you are uploading your images you need to make sure that some of the tags and attributes are set or not. You need to check a proper name of the image, Its ALT Tag and its title tag. This will boost your image to rank high in search engines. You also can set caption of the image which will give information about images to user as well as to crawler.

Use Google Webmaster to Index your website

Use Google webmaster by visiting ( to make your site index soon in Google Search engine. Here you will get some very good options by which you can call search engine's crawler when your site will be ready to crawl. This also helps a lot to rank in search engine. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Career in Android Technology

Android is a Linux-based operating system.B.E and B.Tech freshers have a great scope in java and android these days.The Android platform today has built outstanding careers in technology innovation and application development.

Android is the latest technology and if one have knowledge about android than he or she would have a great scope a head.Android is the fast paced technology and mobile technology has grown rapidly in India. The Android functions is mostly used in mobile phones. There are many companies who are working on android technology.Java, Object C, C++ are all required to work on android technology. It is most popular fields of computer technology and we are providing Android Training in Chandigarh. IT companies are hiring Android developer on good jobs and salary packages. Android has a wide range of scope which is used by each and every company. Any one can be chosen to start your career in android.

Android Training in Chandigarh

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SEO tools in Joomla

Joomla is a robust content management system used in most popular websites.It enables one to create the best site.It is the core of Search Engine Optimization.

Following are its tools:-

1. SEOSimple - Joomla experts incorporate SEOSimple into every site they build.It automatically uses a chunk of text from top of each page as its meta description.

2. ARTIO JoomSEF -  is designed to make your URLs perform better.
This tool will make your URL search friendly and make it comprehensible to humans too and boost your visitor numbers for your site.It supports to multilingual sites.

3. Joomap - This tool is very easy to use and simple to configure, it lets you create a sitemap and submit to all major search engines. It displays the normal Menu structure, Content categories, Sections and  categories in a hierarchical tree.
4. Auto -Frontpage - This tool ensures that your site is updated regularly.It automatically publishes all your new articles saving time and effort.When a situation arises in which there is no new content it will republish one of your old article to fill the void in your site.

5. JoomSEO - This tool automatically puts all the apt keywords in all right places for the best possible optimization.It is highly customizable letting you decide exactly how you want your meta keywords, descriptions,titles and heading tags.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Importance of Web

A web is a multi-based collection of information, services and sites supported by internet. It is an architectural frame work for accessing linked documents.It is a powerful GUI that presents the required information in a attractive way for the user.The World Wide Web contributes greatly to the creation of an ever-increasing global information database.

It has Simplified access to the Internet - The Internet provides access to mail, interactive conferences, network news, and is rich with information resources....but the Internet can be difficult to use and understand. The World Wide Web makes it easier to use the Internet.

It consists of the client and the server. The client (web browser) requests for a web page. This page is retrieved from the server.
Pages are viewed in a browser which fetches the requested
pages, formats and displays.Page fetching is done by the browser. Users work is only to click the mouse button
on the required link.